Our Clients


Below is a list of our clients.

City of Bellevue
Cafe Habits
King County Housing Authority
Mercer Island School District
Cascade Natural Gas
Morris Piha Real Estate Services
W.G. Clark Construction
1996 “Street of Dreams”
Burger King
Red Robin Restaurants
Black Angus Restaurants
U.S. Department of Defense
Plut Construction
Baugh Construction
Sports Authority
Office Depot
Office Max
Americana Companies
City Church
Skyline Apartments
Project 10 Construction
Jenson Homes NW
Parmenter Homes Inc.
Pioneer Human Services
3-D Fencing
Shoebotham and Son Construction
Gascoigne Lumber
Bortano Construction
Donogh Construction
Urban Ventures Corp.
Tennyson Homes, Inc.
CHS Engineers, Inc.
Alex Kerr & Co. CDA’s
Allright Construction
Centenial Tower Associates
Sunrise Glass
Lange Construction
Spinnaker Apartments
Arnes Construction
Alvin Goldferb Jewelers
Gregory Development
Church of The Holy Cross
North Bend Calvary Church
Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments
Ace Concrete
Grace Chapel of Kirkland
Ampco Parking Systems
Somerset Green Townhomes
UW Apartments
Lake Co. Construction Services
Sinclair Thimgan Homes
Paul Nels Carlson Co. Inc.
Holmberg & Hunton Carpentry
BTS Payright
Allied Group
Coach USA
Newport House Womens Shop
Ramada Inns
Emery Freight Lines
Festivals Specialty Events Productions
Americas Condominiums
Boitano Construction
J.Murphy Remodeling
Lenssen Owens Contractors
Ashton Construction
Paramount Properties
Family Fun Centers
Allania Construction
Northwest Homes, Inc.
J. Barnes Construction, Inc.
Majic Touch Remodeling
Novametrix Medical Systems
Evergreen Wholesale Florist
Ol Cara Apartments
Chicago Title Insurance Co.

Old Spaghetti Factory
Chauteau Homes
Firloch Development Co.
U.S. Coast Guard
Bellevue Galleria
Pike Market Restaurant
Paragon Real Estate Advisors
Creative Glass Structures
McDowell Design Build
Olympus Construction
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
LoyClark Pipeline of Washington
Red Lion Associates
Samena Club
Broadway Bldg. & Development
Brighton Condominiums
Somerset Recreation Club
Donough Construction
Lincor Inc.
Pacific Landmark Homes
MJA Construction
MKM Construction
Western Construction Inc.
JE Cumming Corporation
Madison Park Waterfront
Lake Crest Estates
Wagner Masonry & Design
Contract Controllers CPA
Country Mutual Insurance Co.
West Coast Design Inc.
C&D Construction
Obrien Commerce Center
Marina Park Building
Pacific Components Inc.
Paramount Properties
Church of the Resurrection
Delta Pacific Construction
VS Campbell Construction
Winslow Mall
Willows Lodge
Lakecrest Estates
Lenssen Owens Building Contractors
All Concrete Services
Starburst Construction
Lakeridge Apartments
Mill Avenue Apartments
Cucina Cucina
Baugh Construction
Woodys Restaurant
Zoopa Restaurant
Bryant Services & Maintenance
Family Dry Cleaners
Allright Construction
A-1 Carpenter
Spore, Inc.
Bostonian Apartments
North Shore Paving
Gregory Development
Spinnaker Bay Condominiums
New Horizons Construction
The Lake Co.
9th Avenue Center
Americana Shopping Carts
Ol Cara Apartments
Providence Point
Hughes Trading International
The Brook Plate Maker
Targa Real Estate Services
Craig Smith Construction
Clear Medical
J. Murphy Remodeling
NW Asia Building
Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler
Juanita Shores Condominiums
Family Fun Centers
U.W. Apartments
Slipsafe Northwest
Columbia Winery